Our Veritas Classical Academy team is committed to providing exceptional classical education. Below, each member shares a unique perspective, from striving to break the educational status quo without the burden of tuition, to valuing education of both heart and mind. Their collective goal is to nurture well-rounded, independent thinkers, emphasizing the importance of character, intellect, and moral values in education.

Every child should have the opportunity to receive an exceptional education. Historically, high-quality education was associated with high tuition. I joined the Veritas Classical Academy team to break the status quo by providing children with an exceptional education without the burden of tuition.

I have two daughters of my own, and my greatest hope for them is to find their niche in the world, the thing that they can be passionate about and enjoy pouring their time and energy into. As parents and mentors, I feel like our ultimate goal should be to help our young people find fulfillment and happiness in their lives and to help them grow into healthy, high-character adults. In my exposure to classical education, both the core tenants and the spirit of the children in the classrooms, I feel that it provides a solid foundation and a set of tools for families to successfully navigate those journeys. Therefore, I’m honored to be a part of bringing such an opportunity to the folks in our area!

My wife, Sara, and I wanted to start this project in 2019 because we saw a significant difference in the education our daughter received from the local public schools compared to that of her classically educated classmates when she attended Hillsdale College as a Freshman in 2015. We also saw the results of a classical education for students when our daughter started teaching at a Hillsdale K-12 school in Texas. Our goal was to create a school where the primary focus was on educating children, empowering teachers, bringing parents back as an indispensable part of their child’s education and instilling a passion for life-long learning as independent, civic-minded, virtuous individuals.

Education of the heart is as important as education of the mind. There is a crisis in our country that can only be resolved by educating the whole person. Teaching children, “how to think” not “what to think” ensures that our students will be resilient, curious, and virtuous problem solvers in the workplace, as our future leaders, and within our country’s families. Our school is dedicated to create happy, well-adjusted human beings by working with parents to reinforce the importance of heart and mind. Our desire is to create a school with rich content lessons that will transcend their academic years and continue throughout their lives.

I support Veritas Classical Academy and its mission to teach children “how to think” and substantiate their beliefs and thoughts with what is true, good, and beautiful.

I believe that parents, educators, and students working together to instill a love for learning, develop critical thinking skills, and explore the meaning and purpose in life is how independent, responsible, and joyful lives are built. The classical curriculum and student experience provided at VCA will focus on educating the whole child; body, mind, and spirit, and will serve to develop human character, intellect, morals, and values.

School choice in public education creates opportunities for all, and I am excited to be a part of bringing a choice that is tuition-free with a lottery-based enrollment to the Chippewa Valley.

As an immigrant to the U.S., I attended school both abroad and in America. A United States degree had the envy of countries around the world for decades, but as I prepared for my young son to enter school, I saw that American education was changing. It increasingly trains our children into a particular job or career rather than educating them how to think critically and navigate the world with a good moral compass. The tried-and-true methods of classical education survive generations and educational trends and give me hope for our children’s future. I joined the Veritas Classical Academy team to support the enrichment of the minds and souls of our future generations and to help them understand more deeply and interact virtuously with their ever-changing modern world.